The history of the Korean Society of Law is the history of our legal system.
The history of law in Korea is the history of the Society.
For many years, the Society has performed a pivotal role as the bedrock of the legal system by providing a foundation upon which to build a modern legal culture.


  • 1954 03.31 Lectures on English law conducted with the support of the UNCRA, the KCAC, the US Embassy, and the EUSA
    09.16 Agreement for the creation of the Korean Legal Center (KLC)established among parties including Dr. Robert G. Storey, U.S. Lawyer Foundation, U.S. Department of State, American Korean Foundation, Ford Foundation, and the FOA This agreement was presented to the President and the Minister of Justice.
    11.26 President Rhee Syngman orders the formation of the KLC at the 61st State Council meeting

  • 1956 06.01 Establishment of KLC formation committee
    07.16 General meeting held among promoters for the establishment of the KLC, and the Articles of Incorporation confirmed
    07.31 Permission to establish a legal entity from the Ministry of Justice (Ministry of Justice Announcement No. 38)
    08.24 KLC Inc. registered
    08.24 nauguration of the 1st Director Jung Goo-young

  • 1957 05.25 Establishment of the Korean Association of Comparative Law
    06.01 Establishment of the Korean Association of Civil Law
    06.22 Establishment of the Korean Criminal Law Association
    07.18 Establishment of the Korean Public Law Association
    09.28 Establishment of the Korea Business Law Association
    08.16 lnauguration of Director Kwon Seung-yeol
    09.19 Establishment of the Korean Association of Legal Philosophy
    10.21 Publication of the first issue of "The Justice"

  • 1958 11.10 Establishment of The Korea Society of Labor Law

  • 1959 12. Publication of Lawsuits filed to the Supreme Court


  • 1961 01.17Inauguration of Director Eom Min-young

  • 1963 Inauguration of Director Lee Tae-hee

  • 1964 11.20 Publication of the first edition of Korean Law in English

  • 1968 Inauguration of Director Hwang Sung-soo


  • 1972 06.03 Inauguration of Director Yang Jun-mo
    07.15 Publication of the monthly KLC newsletter

  • 1978 04.10 Inauguration of Director Jeon Bong-duk


  • 1981 12.09 Inauguration of Director Kim Doo-hyun

  • 1987 09.06 Hosted the 13th World Legal Professionals Conference in Seoul


  • 1990 01.30 Inauguration of Director Moon In-gu

  • 1996 01.26Inauguration of Director Park Seung-seo

  • 1997 01.31 Presentaton of the first Juridical Paper Award


  • 2000 01.26 Inauguration of Director Park Woo-dong

  • 2002 12.30 Designated as a public contribution target group (Ministry of Strategy and Finance Announcement No. 2002-157)

  • 2004 01.27 Inauguration of Director Jung Sung-jin

  • 2005 01.27 Inauguration of Director Lee Jae-hoo

  • 2006 06.22 50th Anniversary Academic Conference

  • 2007 03.29 Law No. 8323 of the KLC Promotion Act
    09.27 Establishment of Enforcement Decree of the KLC Promotion Act Presidential Decree No. 20285

  • 2008 04.25 Director Lee Jae-hoo awarded the National Mugunghwa Medal on the 45th anniversary of the "Day of Law"
    08.~26 Korean Lawyers Conference Commemorating 60 years since its foundation : [The Role of Law in Advanced Countries]


  • 2010 10.25~267th Korean Lawyers Conference : [Social Change and the Role of Legal Professionals]
    10.23~24 8th Korean Lawyers Conference : [Social Integration and the Role of Law]

  • 2012 01.26 Inauguration of Director Kim Yong-dam

  • 2013 06.08 [KLC and France China Foundation Lecture Agreement] signed

  • 2014 10.24~25 9th Korean Lawyers Conference : [120 years of Modern Law - Reflection and New Direction]

  • 2015 07.24 [Meeting with Attorneys – Communication and exchange] Event held

  • 2016 04.28 Meeting with Attorneys – Communication and exchange] Event held : Chungbuk National University
    05.04 ~ 06.29 Establishment of “Lecture on Recalling the Meaning of Being a Legal Practitioner”
    06.10 [Major Issues of the Trust Act] Symposium held
    07.01 Establishment of the Academic Research Department (Civil and Commercial Law Studies)
    10.20~2110th Korean Lawyers Conference held
    12.19 Human rights advocacy symposium held : [Advancement of IT Technology and Protection of Personal Information]

  • 2017 01.20 Inauguration of Director Kwon O-Gon
    05.24 The 2nd “Lecture on Recalling the Meaning of Being a Legal Practitioner” held
    06.23The 2nd “Lecture on Recalling the Meaning of Being a Legal Practitioner” held
    09.26 The 2nd “Lecture on Recalling the Meaning of Being a Legal Practitioner” held
    06.07 「Meeting with Attorneys」 Event held
    09.15 「Meeting with Attorneys」 Event held
    10.27 「Meeting with Attorneys」 Event held
    08.25 「The Status and Issues of Punitive Damages」 Symposium held
    09.05 「Artificial Intelligence and Future of Medical Care」 Forum hosted

  • 2018 01.26 "Korean Legal Center" renamed "Korean Society of Law"