President Ki-Su LEE

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The Korean Society of Law is the largest organization of legal professionals in Korea. As the only organization comprised of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and law professors, the Korean Society of Law has been a bedrock of the Korean legal system since its establishment in 1956.

The Korean Society of Law (“the Society”) was the first organization to publish Korean Supreme Court decisions as well as Korean law in English. Since its foundation, the Society has contributed to the practice of law and academic development by publishing the academic journal『The Justice』, organizing academic symposia, hosting the Korean Lawyers Conference, promoting the domestic and international exchange of legal professionals, and recognizing juridical papers. In accordance with today’s rapidly evolving political and economic climate, the Society actively embraces the advancing legal culture, and paves the way for talented individuals to expand their presence on the international stage.

The Society continues to develop new services to help our members contribute to the advancement and globalization of Korean legal culture and also the implementation of the rule of law. We are an open and accessible platform for all legal professionals in Korea.

Thank you for your interest and I appreciate your continued support.